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Character: Pride (Bluebird's Illusion version, aka Pride!Ed)
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist: Bluebird's Illusion
Version: BBI version
Age: In human years, approximately eighteen. Since he was 'born?' Only a year.
Gender: Male

Sexuality: Unknown. (For the purpose of this, however, he will most likely be bisexual, as he doesn't really know the difference between male and female [plus, he has no concept of attraction to either sex, so he may even possibly be asexual])

Appearance: Pride stands at an even five feet, with an overall toned body, though he may at first seem surprisingly thin. He's got blonde hair that falls to his shoulder blades, which he more often than not leaves down, and bangs that frame his face. An unruly, single spike of hair pokes from the center of his parted bangs, but he doesn't seem to mind it.

His eyes match his hair, gold like a wolf's, but something about them makes him seem lifeless, as if he were an animated puppet. He doesn't understand expression, and so his face is usually blank, making him seem solemn, stoic, and perhaps even frightening.

Pride is compact for as lanky as he seems, and heavy because he's all muscle and no fat. Red lines, like Chinese ink brushings, define him, standing out against pale skin on his neck, shoulders, arms, torso and legs in delicate patterns. A tattoo of a winged snake coiled around a six-pointed star, eating its own tail is on his left shoulder, circled by such red lines. It marks him as a homunculus- a soulless, alchemy-created doll.

He wears minimal clothing all in black: fingerless gloves on his hands, that extend up his arms, with lines of red from the top of his hand to the edge of the glove; a skintight, sleeveless shirt, that covers part of his neck and leaves the lower half of his torso exposed; a pair of shorts, draped in what almost looks like a skirt or haphazard towel, and toe-less, heel-less socks.

Personality: Pride is a calm individual, not because he's seen everything there is to see, but quite the opposite. Though he looks like a teenager, he's young, his creation only a year past.

What may seem unnerving at first is his speech. He's not quite come to understand how it works, nor the proper way to speak to others, and so says whatever he decides seems proper, even if it has nothing to do with the conversation at hand, slow and careful, or possibly even stuttering as it may seem. Not that he speaks much, anyway.

There's a lot about 'life' (as Envy called it, once) that he doesn't understand, and he quickly learns small, simple things and ideas, but had trouble defining, and therefore coming to understand and use larger thoughts, ideas and skills. And as learning on his own has proven difficult, he tends to like company, especially that of someone patient and willing to teach.

Pride likes to observe, too, and that's helped him gain a better understanding of people as they wander through their lives. Still, he doesn't know why they do what they do, but seeing them do it gives him more to learn, and to wonder about, and that in turn drives his sense of curiosity.

There are quite a few things he doesn't even understand about himself. Emotion, expression and everything that goes with it, including seeing those things in others, is lost on him. He understands, of course, what it's like to feel hurt, and can connect anger to pain, but finding out what to do about it, or how to change those feelings into different ones has never applied. But even though he doesn't understand it, he feels empathy toward others and tries hard to figure out their troubles.

Abilities/Weaponry: Each of the homunculi has a particular feature, more often than not used as a weapon, and that feature is a direct change upon their physical body. Envy, for example, shifts shape. Sloth transforms into water (or has superior strength, in the manga version.) Lust extends thick, needle-like fingers.

Pride, on the other hand, is different. He has the ability to 'flicker.' The homunculus is able to increase the vibration of the molecules of his body, which allows him to essentially become invisible; the high rate at which he can vibrate his molecules means that not even light or air may reflect off of him, and therefore renders him invisible not only to sight, but touch, as well.

The ability is quite useful, especially when presented with an obstacle. He can merely walk through it as he flickers. But this ability requires a certain level of concentration, especially when directed at his entire body. So using it not only drains the Stones that keep him alive, but also distracts him.

His main, and probably his most powerful ability is his regeneration. As Pride does not have a soul, and therefore is not technically alive, he lives off of the power of what are known as the Red Stones or the Philosopher's Stone, which are made up of thousands or millions of human lives. This, however, is not to say that he can't die. He very well can, but he simply returns from his deceased state back into one of living, at the cost of the souls within the stones.

Therefore, it would seem the only way to defeat him would be to get rid of or use up all of the stones. But, if he were pinned by the circles- chakra- on the backs of his hands, and by a blade through the center of his chest, he would be unable to move, unable to regenerate, and therefore, less of a threat. (This is referenced from the anime of Fullmetal Alchemist, when Lust is pinned to the wall through her chakra, which stopped her from moving or attacking.)

Weaknesses: Pride's utmost weakness is his naivety, as well as his inexperience and misunderstanding. He doesn't understand the difference between right and wrong, nor what hurts someone and what doesn't. He has no concept of the Stones that keep him alive, save when he uses them too fast and becomes tired.

He has an inherent sense of trust, his lack of experience not teaching him otherwise. He will protect whoever he has become attached to, and therefore put himself at risk of multiple deaths in order to keep them safe.

Using his homunculus ability provides him with both strength and weakness, the latter being his inability to focus on something the more he uses his power. Vibrating all of his molecules at the same rate, and at a rate that allows him to pass through objects, takes concentration, and distracts him when he uses it. This leads him to use it only when he needs to, for short periods of time, or to escape imminent danger, if fighting is not a possibility.

History: Pride is a homunculus. A created, soulless being who lives by way of the Philosopher's Stone, or Red Stones, which are comprised of human souls.

But his creation was something of a different story than the other six homunculi.

Something was going on, and Edward, his brother Alphonse and General Roy Mustang had decided to put an end to it. They came to find out, in the tunnels beneath Central City, that a man who called himself 'Father,' had created homunculi, and that Wrath, one of said creatures, had been placed in the position of Fuhrer, leading the country on pointless wars and killing innocent people.

A battle commenced, and both Alphonse and Roy were mortally wounded. Edward, too, was injured, but had enough power left in him to perform the largest transmutation he'd ever done before. Surprised and shocked, the Fuhrer, Wrath, was defeated, and Edward left to die.

Until Father took him, and imbibed him with the incomplete Philosopher's Stone to create a new homunculus. "We've finally found one to be worthy of the name, 'Pride.'"

Those were the first words Edward- Pride- heard.

And when he woke, his mind was blank, already filling with information as he looked around. But no one was there. Only another like him. One he was told to call 'Brother.' The first of the sin-named homunculi- Envy.

He watched the humans with his brother after that, from a distance, and wondered. And thought. And learned.